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Customer size supported: More than 5,000 employees.

About Asignet

Asignet is an IT Full Lifecycle Expense & Asset Management Provider. We offer an RPA Driven technology platform & expert support and managed services that enables business agility. Using our platform & services, enterprises gain full visibility, achieve efficiency and productivity. We will reduce your costs on telecom & Mobile expenses, cloud expenses, and SaaS licenses using proprietary AI and robotic process automation.

Robot4IT - RPA and Hyperautomation

Automated Workflows: Platforms like Asignet workflow orchestration let you create, adjust and customize the workflows
around your business processes.

Machine Learning: Machine learning algorithms are used to look for patterns and create data models.
Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence, consists of algorithms that are capable of learning from vast amounts of data
and generating “intelligent” predictions or decisions, often with a high degree of accuracy.
Low-code application platforms: low code application platforms let organizations generate software applications
customized to their business process with none or low programming code skills. Asignet Wayfast platform is used to
develop customization on expense management process in days compared to months.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Robotic process automation is an automation platform capable of executing a
defined programming code algorithm or user-simulated inputs to automate the execution of low-level digital work and
repetitive tasks in an organization.

2:00 PM
Thursday July 28th

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