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Customer size supported: More than 10,000 employees.

About Calero-MDSL

Calero-MDSL is a leading provider of Technology Expense Management solutions designed to provide clarity, control, compliance, and cost savings. With a deep commitment to innovation and customer service, Calero-MDSL partners with enterprises to provide a unified expense management service that supports Telecom Expense Management, Managed Mobility Services, and SaaS Subscription Management. Calero-MDSL has thousands of customers worldwide, including corporations, universities, financial institutions, and government agencies.

Innovation in Focus: Calero-MDSL 2022 Product Development Updates

Calero-MDSL has been developing and delivering at the speed of light. This showcase is not a “show and tell” demo or a typical roadmap review. Amanda Harrington, Calero-MDSL Director of Product Marketing, will take you through the enhancements and new products introduced in the first half of 2022, asking you to think about how these products are working for you. They are on your side. These are not just Calero-MDSL accomplishments, they are customer and end-user accomplishments. Give yourself permission to daydream about your vision and how these enhancements support working smarter not harder. Harrington will bring us back to reality on occasion, reminding us that Calero-MDSL follows the same guiding principle both with customers and employees – at the end of the day, the user experience should be prioritized above all else – Buyers, Influencers, Managers, and Users should all be happy.

The digital worker’s experience is the common denominator of Calero-MDSL’s product lines. Bliss is going to dip into the weeds of some of the most impressive innovations of the past 6 months while tying it all back to the north star Calero-MDSL vision. Recently delivered products being covered include the new Mobility Portal, SaaS Expense Management, Insight Analytics with PowerBI, along with overall interface and experience updates. Put innovation in focus for this experience.

11:30 AM
Thursday July 28th

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