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Customer size supported: More than 10,000 employees.

About Calero-MDSL

Calero-MDSL is a leading provider of Technology Expense Management solutions designed to provide clarity, control, compliance, and cost savings. With a deep commitment to innovation and customer service, Calero-MDSL partners with enterprises to provide a unified expense management service that supports Telecom Expense Management, Managed Mobility Services, and SaaS Subscription Management. Calero-MDSL has thousands of customers worldwide, including corporations, universities, financial institutions, and government agencies.

SaaS Expense Management: The Journey

First came TEM as we knew it, meaning Telecom Expense Management. Now we are calling it “Technology Expense Management” but what does that really mean?

Mark Bellingham, VP of Product at Calero-MDSL, takes you through the thought process and strategy of how Calero-MDSL chose SaaS as its biggest bet and how it has proven ROI not only with the development effort/focus invested, but more importantly the ROI of our Customers. This is the precursor to the in-depth demo that takes place in part two of two. Both sessions can be experienced independently but do complement each other, providing the entire Calero-MDSL SaaS story. Bellingham will discuss the digital worker and how technology expense management cannot just be the sum of its parts – there needs to be a connection between all “technologies” of a Technology Expense Management provider to be worth the investment. If TEM providers are not able to see the connection and obvious innovation path, they are going to follow the TEM pack. But focusing on the digital worker means SaaS needs to become an integral part of the strategy – you can’t escape it. Hardware, connectivity, and applications are the most critical components of a remote/hybrid/office/traveling workforce. Mobility, Telecom, and now SaaS for the first time, gives you that full story. Mark played a critical role in the first SaaS expense management software, from ideation to GTM, and will be explaining the process of delivering a vision through to completion.

11:30 AM
July 27th

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