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About Lightyear

Lightyear’s software allows businesses to buy and manage their network services (internet, WAN, data center, voice / phone) on a ridiculously easy-to-use online platform. With Lightyear you can configure services, get quotes, pick vendors, sign contracts, monitor implementations, handle renewal shopping, and manage your entire network inventory in one vendor-neutral platform. Hundreds of enterprise users trust Lightyear with all of their network procurement needs, including those at Louis Vuitton, Palo Alto Networks, Starwood, StockX and Element Solutions as well as several ISPs themselves.

Lightyear: Telecom Procurement

The status quo for enterprise telecom features little to no provider and price transparency, manual workflows, errorprone installations, and in many cases poor customer support. Whether enterprises are sourcing large-scale telecom solutions for internet, WAN, colocation and/or voice across many locations or expanding individual facilities, the process can be costly and time consuming. In this session, industry experts, Dennis Thankachan, CEO and Co-Founder of procurement software platform Lightyear will share best practices and recent trends in telecom procurement informed by data-driven insights from both of their respective industry vantage points. In this session, we’ll also briefly introduce Lightyear, the first software platform that allows enterprises to buy and manage their global telecom footprint online.

Key Session Takeaways:
· Learn how enterprises procure and manage telecom solutions today (internet, WAN, colocation, voice)
· Understand the pros and cons of various different approaches to telecom procurement – direct procurement, indirect
procurement (agent channel), aggregator approach, and more
· Learn best practices and observations informed by data on cost and long-term customer NPS
· Discover recent trends in telecom procurement – what are enterprises buying, what are they getting rid of

Thursday July 28th

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