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The Oncept Consulting Group offers vital advisory services and strategic sourcing options to help companies make informed decisions throughout the Telecom Procurement Lifecycle. Oncept’s telecommunications practice delivers significant advantages in the areas of competitive benchmarking for global rate alignment, procurement strategies for proposal and vendor management, network optimization modeling, and mobility cost management for cellular services. These services help to maximize cost savings www.linkand process efficiencies in the procurement of telecom products and services. For more information about Oncept, please visit www.oncept.net or contact us newinquiries@oncept.net or +1.650.462.7203.

Necessary Changes in Telecom Sourcing Strategies

2+ years of highly disruptive change in corporate telecom infrastructure requirements have brought significant changes to the way we procure network services. JP Crametz will share timely insights on how the latest shifts in pricing, spend, carrier relationship management and operational practices are driving new and innovative telecom sourcing strategies. As work and office environments have changed, JP will discuss how Procurement maintains leverage, while managing a shift from continually buying more and more telecom corporate telecom services to scaling down the amount of services needed for office environments.

Key takeaways include:
• Cash flow engineering as carriers prefer “cash now” vs later
• Having to pay for previously included account support services
• Changing expectations in spend level & commitments
• Negotiating tactics for both established legacy vendors and new upstarts
• Mobility price structures and where & when to avoid costly RFPs
• Importance of maintaining an operational inventory

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