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Customer size supported: Between 100 and 1,000 employees

About vCom

vCom’s suite of IT Lifecycle Management solutions help businesses manage IT spend from procurement to payment.

• Our vManager software platform provides centralized control of every IT asset, from planning and procurement through operational control and management of asset expenses.

• Our Managed Services division takes on the day-to-day work so staff can focus on strategic issues. From custom project design and implementation support to complete order and dispute management, it’s a one-stop shop for building, refreshing, implementing, and managing all network, mobile, cloud, collaboration, hardware, and SaaS technologies.

• Our Buyers’ Club aggregates buying power for superior discounts on IT products and services. Consolidate multiple vendors, technologies, and charges under single management on one invoice and normalize charges to consistent, understandable language. Integrated with vManager to provides access to all vCom’s best-of-breed tools. Gain significant time and financial savings and achieve unparalleled visibility into your IT spend with vCom.

A Quantum Shift in IT Spend Management

There are a lot of vendors who offer software and services to help organizations manage IT spend. But only vCom offers the unique Buyers’ Club—a program that puts customers in the driver’s seat: work with any provider or technology with no minimums, no contracts, full transparency, cross-provider optimization, and gain REAL control and visibility of your IT spend.

Join vCom COO Sameer Hilal as he outlines how the adoption of the vCom Buyers’ Club can deliver the game changing benefits of:
• Aggregation—leveraging buying power to take advantage of superior discounts
• Consolidation—placing multiple vendors and invoices under a single supplier and invoice
• Normalization—eliminating confusion with consistent, understandable language
• Integration—shopping, cost comparison, order tracking, dispute management, and automated cost allocation all from a single platform.

Hear how one enterprise IT incorporated Buyers Club into their organizational IT strategy and gained significant cost savings and performance optimization. Come and learn what TRUE IT Lifecycle Management looks like.

Thursday, July 28th

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