Sept 12th to 14th 2023

Showcase Your Solution

Get in the Spotlight

AOTMP® is introducing this new live online event to showcase the latest and greatest technology solutions from a variety of products and services.

Demo your products to users involved in:

Make your products and services stand out.

This is your opportunity to showcase solutions in a quick and convenient way for potential buyers, influencers and users.

The event consists of 30 minute “Spotlight” sessions over two days. Spotlight one, two or more of your solutions to an all-enterprise audience that is eager and actively seeking technology partners.

This engaging live presentation platform enables you to make many presentations at once with no travel required.

Who attends AOTMP® events?

Our attendees have real world problems to solve, big initiatives to complete and turn to AOTMP® to find support, solutions and expertise for top-of-mind issues. They represent organizations that range in size from 500 to more than 250k employees. 

Attendee Roles



VPs and




Top Attendee Interests

Financial Management


Cloud Management


Mobility Management




Unified Endpoint Management


Big Data & Analytics


  • Responsible for $6.8 billion in technology spending.

  • years of combined industry management experience.

  • Generated $1.25 trillion in revenue in the year 2019.

  • Support a combined total of 2.75 million unique users.

AOTMP® conferences have consistently brought together the brightest minds in the industry.

Top Functions

46.0%  Business Analysis

45.3%  Reporting & Analytics

41.3%  Invoice Processing

38.2%  Process Improvement

36.3%  Project Management

36.0%  Auditing

32.9%  Strategy

32.3%  Contract Management

32.3%  Vendor Management

31.4%  Order Management

Top Current Initiatives

37.6%  Technology Integration & Automation

27.6%  Technology Evaluation

27.3%  Vendor Sourcing & Evaluation

25.5%  Digital Transformation

24.8%  Technology Migration

19.9%  Vendor Consolidation

16.1%  Policy Evaluation

14.6%  Global Expansion

14.3%  Security & Data Privacy Evaluation

14.3%  Workforce Enablement

Each Spotlight includes

We’ve bundled a promotional kit into every Spotlight, so reserve your place today to maximize your exposure!


Includes everything listed here; just purchase as many Spotlights as you need!


Per Spotlight


For 3 Spotlights


For 5 Spotlights