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ChoiceTel’s number one goal is to make an impact on every organization that it touches – whether from a consulting point-of-view, services/products, or managed service support. Having saved clients millions of dollars throughout the 25+ years of being in business, ChoiceTel always leads with an eye on promoting future success and cost optimization as technology shifts. Keeping technology transitions in mind, ChoiceTel works to ensure that services and products installed today are designed in a way to ensure an easier transition as the market shifts. With the years of experiencing ChoiceTel brings to bear for an organization, the focus is always on creating a full lifecycle for technology and understanding the shifting needs of organizations – whether that be a hybrid workforce or AI processes. We advocate for the client’s best interests by leveraging our $6B procurement group, achieving better pricing/support than a customer could procure on their own.

Best Practices in Deploying UCaaS/CCaaS and Network

ChoiceTel discusses a real life use case of how network and UCaaS are intrinsically linked and, if best practices are not followed, the solution itself – even with best of breed technology – will ultimately fail. When addressing the idea of migrating to a cloud based phone system, the network underlay and management must ultimately be addressed first BUT also in conjunction with the voice system’s requirements. ChoiceTel will break down a real life case study and address what best practices were implemented after a technology was deployed – and how those best practices redefined the solution and the technology strategy for the organization. While the best practices were applied after, applying them on the front end is possible and always the preferred methodology. The best practices will cover network, voice, operations (IT and security), inter-departmental workflows, and business strategy.

Thursday July 28th

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